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Cloud-based monitoring and mobile surveillance units for any purpose, in any terrain. Customer service and reliability are at the heart of our core values - we call it the DEPLOY DIFFERENCE.

Rapid Deployment
24/7 vigilance
made in the u.s.a.

Our unique lease model is a full-service offering, combining monitoring, training, maintenance, and more into one low monthly price, without nickel and diming you with add-on fees.


premium surveillance solution

You've heard the phrase: 'You get what you pay for.' Don't just 'check the box' when it comes to the security of your assets. Poorly made mobile security solutions, susceptible to hacking and with short shelf-lives, may seem like a short-term win, but they only provide a false sense of security.

Deploy Surveillance uses only premium parts, cameras, and partners with the top vendors in the industry - names you can trust. Because in security, that's what matters most.


secure now
worry never

Don't wait for a crime to happen before taking action. Be proactive and fortify your site with cutting-edge solar security camera trailers, more than the standard lot cop. If you're unsure where to start, consult with our knowledgeable sales team to explore all your options. Elevate your security planning with our free site coverage layover maps, included with every quote and powered by Axis® Communications.


surveillance & monitoring for any location

Experience our state-of-the-art, self-sufficient, solar powered Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs), uniquely tailored to meet the security needs of any setting.

rapid deployment

Typically deployed on site within one to two weeks. Set up and livestreaming in under 30 minutes.

deter crime

Axis® Communication's camera optics and AI capabilities detect, document, and deter potential intruders.


Proactive video monitoring and complete documentation of all events, via US Monitoring.


Every event is captured and archived through our user-friendly customer platform, powered by YourSix.

vms customer portal dashboard real time event tracking

real-time event tracking

Utilizing Axis® Object Analytics AI technology, we establish on-site virtual boundaries for immediate violation detection, activating tailored dispatch protocols unique to each customer.


Deploy Surveillance mobile security trailers are equipped for 24/7 livestreaming capability and proactive video monitoring with a US based live agent, featuring NDAA compliant, all-Axis® cameras for day and night operations.

Most mobile surveillance trailers seen in lots now serve no functional purpose outside of being decorative deterrents - like a scarecrow.
Our units, however provide actual monitoring and surveillance, offering you peace of mind and actionable evidence in case of any incidents.

Thermal camera video monitoring capturing incident of three thieves getting caught running away
mobile security trailer protecting cannabis shop and trailer protecting deserted road


More than your basic lot cop, each mobile surveillance trailer is embedded with Deploy Rapid Charge Technology, a cutting edge power system that minimizes battery consumption to just 12% overnight, extends generator refueling to once every 18-24 months, and provides 7+ days of battery backup with 30+ days of fuel backup, ensuring near-perfect unit uptimes.

Because when security and workplace safety truly matters, 100% reliability is the only acceptable standard.

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Experience the power of cloud surveillance, leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology to meticulously capture every event with recording, documentation, and review by our expert team.
laptop and phone showing live surveillance feature

access anywhere

Solar MOBILE Surveillance SOLUTION


  • iOS or Android Compatibility
  • Dual SIM Cards for Verizon & AT&T
  • 24/7 Live Streaming Video
  • 7 Days of Cloud Storage
  • 30 Days of SD Card Storage
  • Watch up to 26 Cameras on One Screen
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Permission Based Portal Access (Contractors, Employees, etc.)
  • Time Lapse Available

Mobile Surveillance Trailer Specs

Intelligent, Safe, Full Service Experience Anywhere You Need It.

Deploy's camera trailers are the most effective surveillance solution — developed for rapid deployment while meeting off-the-grid and environmentally-conscious needs across multiple industries. We deliver and install wireless jobsite camera solutions across the country. Interested? We are standing by to answer all of your surveillance questions and address your needs.

optics camera eye icon


All Axis® Cameras

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) and Thermal Camera Options Available

32x Optical Zoom PTZ

HD 1080p

Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS)

Wide Dynamic Range (WRD)


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analytics computer icon


Axis® Fence Guard

Axis® Motion Guard

Axis® Loiter Guard

Axis® Object Analysis

Axis® Video Motion Detection

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wireless connectivity options icon


Wireless Connectivity Options

Cellular Networks

IP Backhaul and Interconnectivity

Satellite Networks

Microwave Networks

Ethernet Networks

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You now have a choice. Crafted by a team of aerospace engineers with military-grade excellence in mind, these new mobile security trailers are redefining what it means to safeguard.
Introducing Blackhawk mobile surveillance unit button
introducing yeti mobile surveillance unit msu


  • Revolutionary New Design
  • Backup Generator w/ Predictive AI
  • Remote Unit Health Monitoring
  • Higher, Fold Over Mast - Over 23.5'
  • Upgraded Power Supply
  • Redesigned Head Units
  • Light Bar (Add-On)
  • Upgraded Retractable Solar Panels
  • No Visible Wiring
  • Front Jack Stand for Easy Relocation
  • Better Unit Center of Gravity
  • And Much More...

NEW 'economy tier' units coming soon!

You spoke, we listened. Based on market feedback, we've decided to introduce a second, more basic mobile surveillance tower as a complementary product to our premium 'Blackhawk' Mobile Surveillance Tower. COMING SOON!

Sometimes, simplicity and reliability are all you need. That's why we've begun designing our new 'Cobra' Mobile Surveillance Trailer, which offers the same level of reliability, durability, and quality consistent with our brand, but in a more streamlined and affordable package.

These new security trailers, inspired by our premium Blackhawk and Yeti models, provide security solutions at a price tag under $1,999.

frequently asked questions

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How do mobile surveillance and monitoring services work?

The process begins with the deployment of a mobile surveillance trailer on-site, equipped with a combination of high definition PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and/or thermal cameras.

Digital boundaries are established on-site, and when these boundaries are breached, dispatch protocols specific to each site are promptly activated.

The security camera trailers operate around the clock and are monitored either by a live agent or by the customer directly via mobile or desktop through our user-friendly customer portal.

This portal allows customers to view real-time footage, access past events, or retrieve HD video stored in the cloud. Our comprehensive system ensures a proactive and responsive approach to security, granting our clients peace of mind and real-time control over their surveillance.

How quickly can Deploy Surveillance ship a MOBILE SURVEILLANCE TRAILER to my site?

Deploy Surveillance can ship and deploy a mobile surveillance trailer on-site within one to two weeks. Larger sites may require additional time.

How long does a unit take to set up?

Deploy Surveillance mobile surveillance trailers are designed to be deployed with cameras positioned, activated, solar panels arranged, cellular connections established, analytics boundaries drawn, and live streaming video linked to your device – all in under 30 minutes.

Does the unit alert if activity is happening?

Yes. If events are triggered through built-in analytics such as Axis® Motion Guard or Axis® Loiter Guard, our award-winning monitoring station partner, U.S. Monitoring, is immediately notified.

The mobile surveillance unit employs its loudspeaker, floodlight, and strobes instantly upon a boundary violation to deter intruders. Meanwhile, the monitoring station can communicate with the intruder in real-time or via a pre-recorded message.

Before arming the mobile surveillance trailer, a contact list is established to notify the company in a specified order, with the option to involve local law enforcement immediately or not at all.


Our pricing is tailored to the number of mobile surveillance units required and the duration of the contract.

All security camera trailers are available for lease, offering convenience to our customers.

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through various plan options suitable for companies of any size. Take the first step by filling out the form below to connect with a representative and learn more.

WHAT'S next?

Our mobile surveillance and monitoring services streamline security for your business, starting with a straightforward onboarding process. To kick off, we deploy a mobile surveillance trailer for a one-week test phase, during which we meticulously set up boundaries and ensure the seamless functionality of our system.

Following this, your team completes an electronic site questionnaire, providing essential details on dispatch protocols, deterrent methods, and key points of contact within the company.

Next, we'll walk you through everything you need to know in a web conference, offering a thorough training session on the customer portal and the overall security camera trailer system.

Once all components are in place, boundaries are finely tuned, and training is completed, we take charge.

From this point onward, customers have the flexibility to be as involved as they want, as we handle all surveillance and maintenance tasks with precision and professionalism.

quote icon blue

Impressed with the responsiveness to a last minute request, at the end of the work week for some. But not for Dan and his team at Deploy Surveillance. They are working through the weekend, mobilizing surveillance equipment from Utah to Michigan.

Brett w.

Wayne, MI
quote icon blue

It took me a long time to put my recommendation on another mobile camera company after being jerked around by several of the other companies. These guys are different!! They are awesome guys to work with. Best cameras, best service, and the absolute best prices. These things and their clarity and capability are mind blowing.

Donny G.

Fort Worth, TX
quote icon blue

I was in a bind and needed a mobile solution... Deploy Surveillance worked with me to get the coverage I needed for the timeframe necessary. Once ordered, they had the unit placed and working within a few hours.  The cameras are top tier. I am able to read street signs over a half mile away.

Levi m.

Salt Lake City, UT
quote icon blue

In reference to the outstanding customer service, professionalism and timeliness of Deploy Surveillance... I'd like to thank them for their services and equipment over the last two years to help us protect and secure [the foundation's] gifts from theft. Their donation of these camera units is greatly appreciated by everyone involved and we could not be more grateful to Deploy Surveillance for all that they have done for us and the Angel Tree Program.


Salt Lake City, UT
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Deploy Surveillance Partners with Angel Tree Foundation to Safeguard Holiday Gifts for Utah Families

For the second consecutive year, Deploy Surveillance is donating two of its mobile surveillance units to safeguard the Salvation Army site.

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