Crafted by a team of aerospace engineers and built with military-grade excellence in mind, our new mobile surveillance trailers (CODENAME: BLACKHAWK & YETI) are not just a presence; they are a statement.

Redesigned to outclass the competition in every way, these solar security trailers are built to embody power, vigilance, and authority in every cutting-edge component. Learn more about these mobile surveillance trailers below.

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Typically placed on-site within one week, these mobile surveillance trailers can be set up and live streaming in less than 30 minutes, all seamlessly connected to your phone or device.


With our industry-leading Deploy Rapid Charge technology and AI powered backup generators, we ensure maximum uptime for uninterrupted surveillance.

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rapid response

100% uptime is our priority. A technician will be available on-site at no additional cost if we can't remotely fix any issue within 72 hours (continental U.S. only)

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We remotely monitor the health and battery life of each mobile security trailer in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and reliability without any disruption.


We are proud to produce all our security trailers in the U.S.A., ensuring compliance with government regulations in a market where banned cameras are prevalent.

simplified full-service pricing

Our lease model is a full-service offering, combining monitoring, training, service, maintenance, and more into one low monthly price, without nickel and diming you with add-on fees.

Utilizing state-of-the-art camera optics and integrated analytical features like Axis® Motion Guard and Loiter Guard, our system detects, records, and discourages intruders effectively.

new features

taller, foldover masts w/ upgraded head units

The mast not only extends over 23 feet but also folds, allowing for easy transport, relocation, and convenient repair of the head unit from the ground. Each head unit contains THREE premium Axis® cameras, a loudspeaker, strobe light, and floodlight.

revolutionary design & upgraded frame

Our redesigned frame is lighter, boasting a better center of gravity without sacrificing strength and durability. These mobile surveillance trailers are built to handle the harshest environments, featuring a tamper-proof design with hidden wiring for enhanced security and reliability.

upgraded power supply, SOLAR PANELS, & backup

All batteries are equipped with integrated remote monitoring and backup generators, powered by predictive AI and synchronized with regional weather forecasts, to ensure optimal uptime and early detection of potential issues.

complimentary site coverage maps

included free with each quote

Upgrade your security planning with our free site coverage layover maps, included with every quote and powered by Axis® Communications. Simply share your site address(es), and we'll use Google Earth to strategically map our cameras and trailers, optimizing coverage and field of detection while accounting for obstacles and site boundaries, guaranteeing clear visibility of key access points at all times.

Researching all options? We're happy to map any competitor's surveillance trailer over ours for an easy comparison in quality and coverage levels.

camera site coverage layover map with three cameras in three colors field of detection and trailer unit


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