Introducing the Deploy Difference: customer-focused, transparent, and built on trust. We handle the heavy lifting, so you can excel at what you do best.

Our dedicated teams will set up, support, and guide you through the onboarding process. Stay as involved as you want, with easy monitoring and 24/7 support. Discover the Deploy Difference in the sections below.
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STEP 1 - deploy trailer for one test week >

Once the contract is signed, we'll initiate the onboarding process immediately. A trailer is rapidly deployed to your location to begin 'testing.' During this time, we set up the unit's boundaries, test for false alarms, and check for anomalies in the environment.

STEP 2 - fill out electronic site questionnaire >

During the unit testing phase, you will receive a site questionnaire to establish dispatch protocols, which will ultimately be sent to our monitoring center. This form also establishes points of contact, the emergency contact order, alarm notifications, and guides all personnel through a unique password setup.

STEP 3 - web conference with points of contact >

Lastly, we'll schedule a web conference with all major points of contact within your company who will have access to the monitoring software. In this meeting, we'll cover the basics of the unit and provide a complete, guided walkthrough of the program and all its functionalities.

A live representative will take you through everything step by step, allowing for questions along the way. We believe this additional human interaction and customer focus exemplify the 'Deploy Difference'.

STEP 4 - Surveillance & maintenance >

At this point, setup is complete. The monitoring happens in the background, and if we've done our job, you should never have to think twice about us or the unit. However, if you do need us, we're only a phone call away. As for your part, you can stay as involved as you want, knowing that our 24/7 monitoring service is handling everything.

Regular maintenance checks are included for free every 90 days with a minimum 1-year contract. We cover the costs to ensure all units are running at maximum functionality, minimizing downtime.

dedicated service rep one call away >

Customer service is the heart of the 'Deploy Difference.' When we say we're only one phone call away at all times, we mean it – not an automated call tree or a complicated ticket system. From day one, you are assigned a dedicated sales representative whose sole responsibility is to ensure that you, our valued customer, is taken care of.

scheduled maintenance on all units >

Free maintenance checks are included every 90 days with a minimum 1-year contract. We cover the costs of travel and labor for our service techs. If, during this period, you would like the units moved to another location, we would be happy to assist!

deploy surveillance customer portal >

Once signed, you will have immediate access to our all-new Deploy Surveillance customer portal, powered by YourSix, providing an additional channel of communication with even more features available to you.

relationship driven >

Security requires trust, a trust that can only be built through meaningful relationships. We understand this concept and recognize that we must earn your trust. Our goal every single day is to do just that.

This industry is driven by relationships, and we deeply value the connections we are privileged to build with our customers. You trust us with protecting the things that matter most to you, and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

The trust we establish and the relationships we build define the Deploy Difference.

bottom line savings that make sense >

It's simple. Instead of paying or considering paying teams for location security, you can exponentially enhance the visibility and functionality of your surveillance. For just one low monthly fee, you'll receive access to our customer portal, scheduled maintenance, monitoring dashboard, and more—all included for free. We believe in upfront transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Ever.

If you're looking to expand quickly, let us grow with you! Speak with a Deploy Surveillance representative today to discuss our growth plan pricing model, which allows for even deeper discounts!

Deterrant Technology >

The moment an event is triggered via the built-in analytics (Axis® Motion Guard, Axis® Loiter Guard, etc.), our award-winning, UL-listed monitoring station, YourSix, is immediately notified, and protocols determined by you during setup are promptly enforced.

Examples of deterrents include announcements over a loudspeaker or the activation of sirens. If the event was simply caused by an animal or the intruder was scared away, the incident concludes and is thoroughly documented for you and/or the authorities.


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